18-year-old or 18-year-young?

Certainly, you will agree when I say that your 18th birthday is very close to your heart just like it is for me. But how was this birthday so different hence so memorable in my life? Read on.

The year was 2008. The place: Bangalore.

Like most of us do, I woke up with a great deal of excitement as it was my 18th birthday. My family, friends and even the Indian Government had a gift in store for me.
I am the quintessential princess of my father. Very loving man that he is, he gave me a great birthday gift. A gift that gave me a sense of freedom, a sense of belief in myself and not to forget, a feeling of being pampered (Who would not like it?)

I am sure you can guess what it was. Well, here is the answer – the gift was the CAR KEYS! I was so thrilled that I lost count of the number of times I told ‘thank you’ to my Dad. Ever since, I feel my 18th birthday should be cast in stone to flash those memories again & again over my eyes.

It was a very emotional moment that I would love to relive any number of times.

Wondering what the Government gifted me with? Well, it was the ‘Right to vote ’. Now that means, the country puts me in the bracket of matured adults who are capable enough to take right decisions. Yes, I am an adult now! I AM. I had to say it to myself.

Not just this but I also realized a vital truth of life. I thought for a while & understood that along with the gift given by my father, that marked freedom & adventure came a token of responsibility.

Now that again means that I am given the freedom to execute my dreams in many ways but the act of choosing my dream is my responsibility.

It falls in place like the 2 sides of a coin. Without one side, it is just not complete and not sensible either. My 18th birthday reminded me about my responsibility that made me feel like 18 year-old & also gave me the freedom and identity that made me feel 18-year young.

Perhaps that is why I asked , am I ‘18 year-old or 18 year-young?’

I have already got my answer – I am a bit of both. Of all that I said, one thing really stands out. It is an experience. It is a pleasant memory that I would love to cherish.

Do you feel the same? Then, welcome to the club of people who value feelings, people and memories more than anything else.

About My Life Chronicles

Passionate about personal history and writing memoirs. My Life Chronicles helps you create memoirs, biographies, Family books and more. Be it a way of paying tribute to someone you love, a way to preserve your family history, we help you create a treasure that can be passed down the generations. Custom made life books, memoirs, biographies for individuals, families and corporates!
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