Graduation ceremony.

The very mention of it evokes a lot of memories that are lovely.

My Graduation ceremony is still green in my memory. The auditorium, bright lights, dignitaries, happy faces, proud parents and emotional moments.

It was a ceremony that marked the grand ending of years of effort, hardwork & dedication.

After a marathon of mid-night studies, exams, assignments, sleeples nights before results, there came cries of excitement adding more energy to the scene.

It was a beautiful sight to see many young students celebrating their triumph over the academic diaspora.

The main highlight was the great feeling I had of becoming a graduate – all set to go ahead and explore the world.

Whenever I think of that beautiful day, myriad of emotions cloud my mind – nostalgia, excitement, happiness, pride and longingness for those good, old days.

Those cherished memories form a part of me that will stay forever.

How I wish to ‘rewind’ and see the color of those days yet again !

About My Life Chronicles

Passionate about personal history and writing memoirs. My Life Chronicles helps you create memoirs, biographies, Family books and more. Be it a way of paying tribute to someone you love, a way to preserve your family history, we help you create a treasure that can be passed down the generations. Custom made life books, memoirs, biographies for individuals, families and corporates!
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