Why an organization needs its business lore?

Corporate Chronicles are a wonderful way of capturing stories of a corporate. Each company has got its stock of legends, stars, stories, business lore – whatever you choose to call it. They stay alive in the minds and conversations of employees, partners and investors. Don’t you think it is time to put them down in a book? Today, we have moved ahead in terms of processes- ISO and CMM certifications are the order of the day. Almost every meeting is minuted to the last detail. What about the stories of the people working in the company? What about the trials and tribulations a company goes through. Are they destined to be forgotten as the company hurtles towards the next set of financial goals? Certainly not.
There is a need to capture corporate history. There is a need to tell stories.
Today it is common for companies to have a 20% annual churn in work force. How will a new recruit identify with a company? Is it the brick walls, or the swank interiors, futuristic architecture or the spa? A company needs to have its lore. A company needs to have role models. And there are plenty. Often companies are so absorbed with operations, they fail to pause and reflect on the journey. The journey that has made the present possible. A journey that has defined the character of the organization and its people.
From an external perspective, a corporate chronicle is a window for the world to learn more about the company. To read stories that creates a vision of the company in one’s mind that is not abstract and impersonal. And of course customers and investors!
We at My Life Chronicles strive to engage with companies and create their corporate chronicle. While it is good to take up a project like this to launch on a silver/golden jubilee year, there is no ‘right’ time to get on with a corporate chronicle.


About My Life Chronicles

Passionate about personal history and writing memoirs. My Life Chronicles helps you create memoirs, biographies, Family books and more. Be it a way of paying tribute to someone you love, a way to preserve your family history, we help you create a treasure that can be passed down the generations. Custom made life books, memoirs, biographies for individuals, families and corporates!
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