Off the Beat Career in mind?

At 22, Kalyan Varma had a ‘dream job’ with Yahoo. But one fine day, he quit and went on to pursue his passion – “wildlife photography”. Today, he is a living example , who believed his dream and making a living, out of something he truly loves. Now he has emerged as one of the top wildlife photographers in India!


Imagine a job description like this: “to study and assess human dimensions of conservation, such as human-wildlife conflicts, land use change and people-park relationships in five parks of India’s Western Ghats” and that too on a National Geographic grant! Krithi K Karanth, a 32 year old conservation biologist and daughter of noted wildlife biologist Ullas Karanth, has landed this enviable job. A Research Associate of the Centre for Wildlife Studies, India, Krithi is currently a post-doctoral scientist with Dr. Ruth DeFries at Columbia University, New York. Krithi holds a Ph.D in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University. My Life Chronicles celebrates such achievement.


About My Life Chronicles

Passionate about personal history and writing memoirs. My Life Chronicles helps you create memoirs, biographies, Family books and more. Be it a way of paying tribute to someone you love, a way to preserve your family history, we help you create a treasure that can be passed down the generations. Custom made life books, memoirs, biographies for individuals, families and corporates!
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